online poker

Online poker

Poker is the most famous and played table game in modern casino history. With a still mysterious history, this iconic gambling game has a notoriety that no longer needs to be done, so Poker has logically invaded the online casinos and other connected gambling applications. Now we find slot machines poker tournaments, from cash games, from poker bonus and even free poker. Find in this article its history, the variants as well as the best sites to play video poker and online poker.

The history of poker

Invented centuries ago, the history of poker is still a subject of debate. Imported to the United States by American sailors, it quickly became essential during the 19th century. We see appear the first mobile casinos, but not the ones we know today. Indeed, towards 1840 the card game begins to invade the steamboats Americans where players from professional poker pluck of wealthy slave and cotton traders. Little by little, the game of poker was exported to the American West during the gold rush and it became must-have saloons. Then, gambling is re-imported into Europe in the basic forms of closed poker (draw) and 5 card stud. Little by little, different variants are emerging, and it is now possible for beginner players have fun with dozens of types of poker. The two main ones that we will see are classic online poker and video poker also known as the poker slot machine.

Online poker

online poker

Just like classic poker which is played in physical casinos like those of Las Vegas, Monaco or Melbourne, online poker is legal in most countries of the world. Very popular with American, American and Belgian players, online poker tournaments offer many advantages to users. Poker bonuses, progressive jackpots and dozens of variations that can be played for free or for real money. Let's discover together the different variations of online poker.

What are the variations of online poker ?

Poker is a complex game that offers many possibilities. It has diversified over time and now offers dozens of unique variations to make money. The best online poker sites and software like Betclick, Winamax, Pmu Poker, Party Poker, Unibet Poker, Everest Poker offer tournaments but be careful, they do not all have the same rules since there are several major families of online poker. Among the most famous variants we find:

  • Texas Hold'em Poker : this is the most famous variant of online poker. Each player receives a total of 2 cards closed in his hand (“closed” means they are only visible to him). Next, 5 open cards (visible to all players) are arranged as the betting rounds take place. Indeed, a round of betting takes place once each player has received his two hole cards, then the 3 first open cards (The Flop) are placed on the table for all players. A new bet, then comes the 4th open card (The Turn), another betting phase is played, the last and 5th open card (The River) is asked and comes the last betting round.
    To win, each player must compose a total combination of 5 cards using his hand and the open cards laid out on the table.
  • Omaha poker : in this second variation of poker, the rules are simple. This time it's not 2 hole cards but 4 which are dealt to each player and 5 open cards. To win the game of Omaha poker you have to get the best combination of 5 cards using 2 hole cards (Out of the 4 distributed) and 3 open cards. During an Omaha game the winning hands are often stronger than in Texas Hold'em poker because the players have two more hole cards, therefore better odds.
  • Closed poker : much less known to new players or novices, this older variant of poker was used by our grandparents. Closed poker, also called 5 Card Draw in English is a classic. As the name suggests, each player receives 5 hole cards. Then follows a round of betting from the players. Then, each player can choose to exchange with the croupier (called Dealer in poker) one or more cards of his hand. Then comes the second betting round. Once this bet is over, the players show off their respective cards and whoever has best hand wins the pot.
    the Five Card Draw is poker the more simple for the new players. It is less strategic, gamblers have less information since there is no open cards. Closed poker is played very little, especially since the advent of Texas Hold'em.
  • Stud poker : The Stud, made famous by the movie “The Cincinnati Kid" is a open poker like Texas Hold'em. Present at WSOP (World Series Of Poker) from 1971 to 1975 he almost completely disappeared tournaments, competitions and even cash games.
    Several points differentiate it from its close relative, Hold'em. First of all, there is no common card to all players in this poker variant. In addition, all cards that are distributed are distributed individually.
    At the start, each player receives 2 cards, one face down, one face up (Like the blackjack dealer). The participant who has the smallest visible card must must bet (the bring in). Then comes a first betting round. Then a third card is dealt face up to each player, and a betting round follows. A fourth and a fifth card with betting rounds are dealt. Best hand wins the pot.

What tips to win at online poker ?

winning online poker

Online poker is growing in popularity. It is one of the few casino games that are legal in almost all Western countries (Online poker in the USA is legal on selected sites like Winamax, Everest Poker, Bwin and others).

If you are a new player you might be wondering how to win playing poker online ? Which poker variant to choose, which bet made, on which site to play and which bonus code to use to take advantage of the best promotions ?

Our first advice will obviously be to only play online poker if you have the time. Indeed, this cult game of chance requires time and training to understand and control its potential. To increase your chances of winning at online poker, you need practice. Although others are interesting, more often than not, the best variant to play will be the Texas Hold'em. Indeed, this poker allows a reading of the game and a real long-term strategy.

Our second tip is to play poker for free on one of the legal applications or software available. Indeed, most American poker game providers offer to play in real money but also in fictitious money to practice. It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith and poker is a discipline of experience, it is the professional player Davidi Kitai who could explain it to you. Have fun on free poker games, learn from your mistakes and get stronger without spending a dime.

Next, do not hesitate to inform yourself, there are many dedicated poker video channels on platforms like Youtube or Twitch. Find pro streamers on Twitch TV like Jaime Staples, Lex veldhuis or Vanessa Kade live every day.

Jaime Staples Pro poker streamer

Then, enjoy the best online poker bonuses. Indeed, it is possible when creating a new player account to benefit from bonus code of poker which sometimes offers you up to $ 500 free. There are also no deposit bonus and usable welcome bonus on tournaments no download poker. These promotional offers made available to new users allow them to be entertained with a larger sum and take less risk.

And finally, to finish, a little bit of luck can make the difference. The variance is a term used in poker to refer to the luck factor which always comes into consideration. If you want to win tournaments and be consistent, remember, don't choose only tournaments that cost a maximum of 1% of your bankroll. That is to say that if your poker player portfolio is $ 100 you should only participate in tournaments of $ 1 and less. This will maximize your chances of making money as much as possible.

What are the best casinos to play online poker ?

the USA Poker Anj

Online poker is available on some well-known American sites. Here is a list of legal poker sites in the USA, in Belgium, in Swiss and in many other countries of the world (Arjel / ANJ licenses valid):

  • Winamax
  • Unibet Poker
  • Bwin poker
  • Betclic Poker
  • Poker Barrier
  • Everest Poker
  • PartyPoker
  • PMU Poker
  • Pokerstar

Video poker

There is an interesting and entertaining alternative to online poker. Indeed, most mobile online casinos offer players a new game of chance that is similar to a slot machine but which allows you to play poker. If you are a new user, we will tell you more.

What is video poker ?

Video poker is a gambling which is akin to a slot machine using the mechanics of the different poke variantsr. The difference from classic online poker ? is that the player does not face no opponent and does not receive a card from the dealer or the bank.  Just like in poker, the goal is to get the best possible hand to win the most big wins.

The democratization of poker at the end of the 70s led game publishers to create the first video poker slots. It all started in Las Vegas, with the first real video poker game: Draw Poker.

The strong point of video poker is to allow players to have fun quickly without having to face other people. A lot less intimidating than to sit down at a table, many players have learned to play poker through these slot machine games. Very appreciated by the community of gamblers, it is found among the most used games with blackjack, roulette and classic slot machines.

free video poker

What are the playable variants of video poker ?

Video poker is a game that offers many possibilities to users of online casinos. Originally available on only a few types of poker, it is now available on all variations and even new concepts, specific to video poker machines.

Among the poker variants available at the best reliable casinos are:

  • Jacks or Better : This variant is the best known. It’s sort of the Hold’em of video poker machines. Jacks or Better means Jack or Better, which means that to win you will need at least a pair of Jacks or better. The system is simple and accessible to everyone, including beginner players.
  • Tens or Better : Just like the previous game, Tens or Better means 10 or better. It is therefore a question of having a pair of 10 or better to make money on this machine.
  • Deuces Wild : Existing in bonus version Deuces Wild or Loose Deuces, this machine has for definition “Two wilds”. Slot players may have understood this, this means that all 2 cards are wilds and therefore replace all other symbols. Build your combinations and your hands as you see fit knowing that a 2 can become whatever you want.
  • Joker poker : A card is added to the deck: the joker. This card, like Deuces Wild, will become the card you want. If you have two kings and a joker, this is equivalent to a set of kings for example.
  • All American : This alternate version of Jacks or Better is similar to this one except that it will provide different compensation depending on the combinations you have. Some will therefore pay more than others.
  • Poker Bonus : Another alternative variant of Jacks or Better which pays more for squares.
  • Double Joker : Two additional cards are added to the deck of cards. The jokers being wilds which replace all the symbols of the game to make the best possible combination.

What are the best casinos for playing video poker ?

Online video poker is not available everywhere and not for players in all countries. To be sure to play in all safety, it is important to only choose the most reliable gaming sites on the market. For this our experts have selected according to demanding criteria (Legal Gambling License, Interesting Casino Bonus, and Premium Customer Service) on top3 of the best online casinos which offer the poker slot machines:

Frequently asked questions

Yes ! It is perfectly possible to play for fictitious money and without downloading poker on the Pokerstars site for example. It is also possible to play video poker 100% for free at Las for example.

There is no miracle recipe for winning at poker if it isn't for practice, patience and a little luck. To increase your chances of winning money, play free tournaments against real players and sharpen your poker strategy.

Video poker is a slot machine variant in which you have to have the best possible hand to win the jackpot. Here, no croupier, no bank or opponent, you are alone in front of a poker slot machine.