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Origin of progressive slot machines

Before talking about slot machines with progressive jackpot, let's take a little history. The first one slot machine does not date from yesterday, it is in 1898 in San Francisco that it was created by Charles August Fey. Year after year, the machines, also called Slots, evolved until the 1980s when we began to find the first video slot machines. Subsequently, in 1994, the Gaming Club Casino is born, the very first online casino made his entrance. It was not until 1996 on the software Cryptologic that the company Intercasino develops the first online slot machine.

Little by little, online casinos have multiplied, incredible game publishers have sprung up around the world and video slot machines have become essential. Slot machine payouts are now reaching stratospheric 8-figure sums. The solution to get these exorbitant amounts: progressive jackpot slots.

Jackpot slots aren't particularly new, but how they work is different from what you may be familiar with. A classic slot machine shows a fixed amount while one with progressive jackpots continues to climb in value until a lucky player hits the jackpot. Once it has been won, the jackpot is reset to a starting amount and the pattern is repeated. Progressive jackpots can get huge as a percentage of each bet is taken to fund it. There are many online slot machines with jackpots of several million euros, as thousands of players from hundreds of countries play them every moment of the day.

The biggest payout on a progressive slot machine

To illustrate our point with figures, let's start with a Finn who collected no less than $ 17,861,800 with the slot machine with progressive jackpot: Mega Fortune of NetEnt. Not only is the gain extraordinary but it was also made with a stake of 25 cents ! This extraordinary gain has inspired many players, who have become real progressive jackpot hunters. It was later in England that 26-year-old former soldier Jon Heywood collected $ 17,879,645.12 on the legendary progressive online slot machine Microgaming: Mega Moolah. He also played for 25 cents.

Why are progressive slots jackpots so important? ?

What makes these jackpots possibly so important is the Internet. The vast majority of land-based casinos simply do not have the capacity to make such massive payouts possible. Of course there are exceptions in places like Vegas. But it wasn't until the Internet launched online slots with progressive jackpots that the revolution took place. Add to that the Smartphones, and you have an explosive formula. Today it is possible to land jackpots of several million euros sitting in transport or taking a break at work. Everywhere players have the Internet, they can win revolutionary progressive jackpots.

Be aware that not all players will be able to win a progressive jackpot. But as we like to say 100% of the winners have played we all have a chance, and if you can afford it why not give yours a shot.

Some tips for winning progressive jackpot slots

The principle of progressive jackpot slot machines is very similar to that of classic slot machines. Choose a bet that suits you and start your machine. There are, however, a few differences to keep in mind to avoid any surprises. Here are some tips to help you navigate the lucrative world of progressive jackpots.

While browsing online slots you will often experience a lower than normal RTP rate. This is a common trait of many jackpot slots and it is the compensation for massive wins.

Some progressive jackpot slot machines have more chances of winning with larger bets (more chance of winning with 1 euro than with 20 cents for example). This is not always the case, but it is worth knowing before you jump into a progressive jackpot machine. Even so, sometimes the minimum bets can still bring down the biggest jackpots. The goal is to go as far as your budget allows to maximize your chances.

Above all, remember, check if the casino you are playing at pays the progressive jackpots in a single sum or if it divides the amount into smaller payouts. Also check the winnings limits, you wouldn't want technical details to get in the way of your dream withdrawal!

So Gamblers, all to your JACKPOT !

Frequently asked questions

A progressive slot machine is a game that offers these players one or more so-called progressive jackpots. These will increase as the machine is played without the progressive jackpot being obtained. For example, if no one wins the jackpot for several months, it can, on some machines reach more than one million euros.

He is a 26 year old Englishman who won over $ 17,000,000 on the famous progressive jackpot machine from the publisher Microgaming: Mega Moolah. This player was playing with a stake of £ 0.25 per spin.

If you want to play progressive jackpot slots on the best gambling sites, just check out our page on the best online casinos of the market.

To win a jackpot, nothing could be simpler, just play the progressive slot machine of your wishes. Choose an amount and start spins (Don't forget to check if the amount influences your chances of winning).