Jetx: Reviews & Details on the famous Cbet game

The famous Cbet online casino is known by most players of games of chance to provide entertainment of all kinds. It was at the beginning of 2021 that Smartsoft Gaming decided to launch its latest innovation at Cbet casino: JetX. This game is unlike any other and offers very interesting possibilities to casino players, especially with its very high RTP (Redistribution Rate) of 97%. Why JetX is one of the most popular games on the market ? Because it is available on mobile, smartphone, tablet and PC, there are several jackpot levels and the winnings can be very fast.

If you like Cbet's JetX and you don't know Aviator, do not hesitate to go to the new site Las Atlantis.

Aviator the new JetX by Las Atlantis

In this article, you will find our opinion on Cbet's Jetx game as well as the details, characteristics and the best strategies for making money.

Our opinion on Cbet's JetX game

jetx setup

Cbet has a whole new game for us for 2021, and the least we can say is that it has a few tricks up its sleeve. We tested Smartsoft's JetX for you and here is our review.

First of all, it should be noted that this new game from Cbet casino is extremely easy to use and understand, and can therefore appeal to the greatest number of people. Despite its simplicity, JetX is a complete and very well done game. To play, you simply need to place a bet between $ 0.10 and $ 300. You can then see the symbolic plane take off, hoping it goes as high as possible. It can explode at any time. During our test phase we managed to climb several times on multipliers greater than x20. However be careful, it can sometimes explode 10 times in a row below x2. This is why to try to hit the jackpot and make money on JetX you need a strategy. Just like in games like roulette, there is certainly a luck factor called: the variance. But there is also a part of mathematical strategy which can allow you to increase your chances and benefits from a very high payout rate to players of 97%.

All in all, for us, JetX is an interesting instant game of chance although it is somewhat repetitive. Its advantages are simple, it is available on mobile and it allows you to potentially make quick profits. It will particularly appeal to players who like to take risks and expect big multipliers, but it can also be interesting for those who try strategies like online roulette.

Aviator the new JetX by Las Atlantis

How to play JetX ?

To play JetX, the new game from online casino Cbet, nothing could be simpler. First, you must go to the platform of the Cbet gaming site to create your player account. Once this is done, you just need to click on the "JetX" tab. The games last a few seconds, since you can have a take-off every 15 seconds or so. The winnings are cashed out very quickly, and if you want to try to make money on JetX you will need to follow 3 steps:

  • Choose your stake and the settings you want to make (You can indicate a multiplier, if the JetX reaches it, you automatically get your winnings).
  • See how far the JetX plane climbs. The shuttle goes up randomly with each bet and can multiply your winnings by several thousand (The max win is $ 20,000).
  • The last step is the most important, you have to withdraw your winnings before the space shuttle explodes. In JetX it is important not to exit too late, because you will lose your stake, but you should not exit too early either, where you will have regrets.

Aviator the new JetX by Las Atlantis

What are the best techniques and tips for making money on Cbet's JetX ?

Important: There are no quick fixes to winning, and we do not condone any form of cheating. This article is for informational purposes only.

All players obviously dream of finding the secret formula to beat the casino every time. Jet X is certainly a game of chance, but it requires, like Blackjack, Baccarat or online roulette, tips and techniques to increase your chances of winning. Indeed, just like the famous game invented in the USA, roulette, it is possible to optimize your chances of winning with strategies such as Martingale and Reverse Martingale for example.

La Martingale on JetX

Martingale is a strategy originally developed for another casino game: roulette. Indeed it is usually carried out on a color or any other double bet (even / odd, red / black etc ...).

JetX begins its ascent with a multiplier of 1.01 and always rises higher as the game progresses. To be able to use the Martingale here, the main objective would be to double your bet as soon as you lose, and that until the next game you win. By doubling your losing bet each time, you will be sure to collect and win as soon as you win a game. For this strategy to work you must keep the same exit coefficient, and we recommend x2. That is to say that in each game you will have to collect your winnings as soon as the ship reaches x2.

Let's take an example :
You decide to stop only when the Jet X shuttle hits a multiplier of x2 and start your first bet at $ 10 which you lose, then you double, $ 20 and you lose again, then you play $ 40 which you win this time around 40 $ x2 or 80 $. You have therefore bet $ 10 + $ 20 + $ 40 = $ 70 bet, your profits are therefore $ 80 - $ 70 = $ 10

The Reverse Martingale or Paroli method on JetX

This reverse trick of the famous Martingale roulette technique can be interesting even on new generation games like JetX. To set it up you have to follow the same system as for the classic system but this time you will have to double your bet each time you win this time. If you lose, you don't change your bet, and you double when you win. We advise you to do not repeat the reverse Martingale more than three consecutive wins, if you are too greedy you run the risk of losing all your winnings.

Warning : Keep in mind that the Paroli method is good more risky than the Classic Martingale but it can allow you to make larger gains quickly.

The other techniques

One of the most interesting solutions to gain experience on the game of SmartSoft Gaming is to play Jet X for free to try the techniques without taking the risk of losing a cent. Free JetX is a demo mode which is made available by the game provider for players to test it out risk-free, so take advantage of it.

Another important rule is to only play the money you can afford to lose and set limits. JetX is a fast paced game, that's an advantage but it can backfire if you lose your cool. Take your time, choose a strategy and keep it. For example, choose an automatic multiplier when you place your bet, and do not change it throughout your gaming experience.

Aviator the new JetX by Las Atlantis

The best alternative to Jet X from Cbet: Aviator from Las Atlantis

JetX is a game that has met with huge success and as a result it already has many direct competitors on other gaming platforms and online casinos. The similar game that caught our attention the most is obviously Las Atlantis Aviator. This new online casino


Las Atlantis's new Aviator casino game has similar mechanics to Cbet's Jet X or Gamdom's Crash. When placing your bet, you can choose a maximum multiplier for an automatic withdrawal or you can do it yourself when you feel the right moment is coming. Small difference however, on Aviator de you can bet up to a minimum of 0.05 $. The more affordable price allows many players to have fun without having to break the bank.

Aviator is like JetX a game that takes place in live and multiplayer. You can chat via chat with other players and share your wins and losses in real time. Every 15 seconds a new game will be launched, and maybe it will take you straight to the stars.

My Cbet account is blocked, what should I do to play JetX ?

You cannot connect to your Cbet account or your Jet X account is inaccessible, don't panic, there are several explanations.

If your account tells you: Account blocked, there could be two explanations:

  • You have not made a deposit in the week following your registration (Creation of your account)
  • You have not verified your account
  • You have violated the rules of use of the Cbet casino

To solve this problem you just need to contact the casino's chat support, and they will unlock your account in a few moments.

Frequently asked questions

JetX is a game from the publisher SmartSoft Gaming that consists of following the rise of a ship in space, but beware it can explode at any time. The goal is to bet and collect your winnings before the shuttle disappears. You can find this game on the Cbet online casino

JetX is still a game of chance, therefore there can be no certainty about the odds of winning. On the other hand, it is possible to increase your chances of winning money by using techniques and tips such as the Martingale in online roulette for example.

JetX was created by the casino game provider Smartsoft Gaming and it is possible to play it for free directly on the site of this one. Free JetX allows all players to test different techniques and strategies without taking any risk before jumping into real money.

You must have a minimum balance of $ 50, be 18 years old and have verified your player account on the Cbet gaming site. You can collect your earnings by transfer, on an electronic wallet (Skrill, Netteler, Paysafecard) or even in cryptocurrency.