How to Play Crazy Time

Crazy Time: The Trending Live Casino Game in 2021

Evolution Gaming is an innovative and ingenious game editor that brings crazier live casino games every new year. In 2020 we will have seen the Mega ball, tables of Speed ​​Blackjack, Instant Roulette, the Craps Live but above all the Crazy Time. Test this new game now for free thanks to our exclusive no deposit bonus.

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Crazy Time what is it ?

This new live online casino game is a show hosted by a costumed presenter and takes place around a wheel. Inspired by I play Dreamcatcher, this wheel has 54 different sections. Of the 54, 45 have multipliers x1, x2, x5 Where x10. The last 9 sections correspond to the bonus: Corner Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and of course the Crazy Time.

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Crazy Time: the hottest live game in online casinos

Despite some common traits with games Monopoly Live Where Dreamcatcher, the Crazy Time is an exceptional and original game never seen before. Its 4 bonus games combine aesthetics, technology and explosiveness. Indeed, this live game is not only appreciable by its atmosphere and its design, but it is also appreciated by the players of online casinos for its explosive earning potential.
Contrary to Monopoly live which displays a bonus every 13 draws on average, the Crazy Time deliver a bonus every 6 draws. This is why players particularly like it. In just a few months it has become the most played game inEvolution Gaming.

Crazy Time: How it works ?

The new nugget ofEvolution Gaming has many surprises for its players.

The Top Slot multiplier:

Before talking in more detail about the 4 bonuses of the Crazy Time we will see its multipliers. Indeed, before the wheel falls on one of the 54 sections of the game, a machine on two reels, called “Top Slot"Will spin to define a section as well as a multiplier that will be assigned to it. the Top slot can multiply any section up to a maximum of x50.
(In the photo below you can see the top slot showing the x10 section with a x10 multiplier, which means if the wheel lands on a 10 section and you bet on it you will win 10 × 10 = x100 your stake.

crazy time screenshot 1 Bonuses:

Among the different sections of the wheel 9 will bring you to play bonus games. Four in number, the bonuses are of course the most profitable boxes of the Crazy Time, especially if you have a Top Slot multiplier.

The Flip Corner: 

It is the simplest and most frequent of the mini-games of the Crazy Time. The Flip Corner is played with a token comprising two sides, one is Red and the other is blue. At the start of the game a win multiplier is assigned to each color. The token is then thrown into the air, it lands on one of the two colored sides, and the prize attributed to that color is won. (The multipliers of Corner Flip range from x2 to x100, can be boosted by the top slot up to x50, i.e. x5000 maximum.)

coinflipper The Pachinko:

For this bonus, a board full of baffles is lit. Multipliers are assigned to each row at the bottom of the table. A luminous ball is dropped randomly by the facilitator and descends until it falls on one of the sums. (The multipliers of Pachinko go from x2 to x100 can be boosted by the top slot up to x50. But the Pachinko can also fall on a special square called "Double", which allows you to make a throw again by doubling all the multipliers. The maximum being x10,000 your stake.)

cr org pachinko bonus wall 2283 The Cash Hunt :

For this bonus, a giant screen displays a total of 180 symbols. Each symbol displays a multiplier. The host activates a lever which will mix up all the symbols and multipliers. You will then have to choose one among the 180 and you will win the sum behind it.
(The multipliers of Cash Hunt range from x5 to x100, can be boosted by the top slot up to x50, i.e. x5000 maximum.)

crazy time cash hunt Crazy Time :

It is the rarest and most anticipated mini-game of the Crazy Time. For this bonus, the facilitator leaves the board through a red door to reach a magical place at the heart of which resides a gigantic wheel. This new wheel features 64 segments which only include earnings multipliers as well as sections DOUBLE Where TRIPLE. Three colors are available, Green, Blue, Yellow. You will choose one of the three colors and you will take the winnings on the chosen color. (The multipliers of Crazy Time range from x15 to x200, can be boosted by the top slot up to x50 as well as by the potentials DOUBLE Where TRIPLE. The maximum potential estimated at x20,000 your stake)

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Crazy Time: What RTP ?

the RTP Where Return rate to player is different for each segment on the Crazy Time :

  • Segment x1: 96.08%
  • Segment x2: 95.95%
  • Segment x5: 95.78%
  • Segment x10: 95.73%
  • Coin Flip Bonus: 95.70%
  • Pachinko Bonus: 94.33%
  • Cash Hunt Bonus: 95.27%
  • Crazy Time Bonus: 94.41%

Crazy Time: On which online casino to find it ?

Crazy Time is a live game that you can find at many online casinos such as: