Origin of online blackjack

Online Blackjack: Origin, Guide to Playing, Rules and Strategies

How to play blackjack online ? Discover the rules of the game, strategies and methods to try to win.

A true icon of casinos, Black Jack has become a central element of popular culture. The phenomenon is such that the game frequently takes center stage in the cinema and has interfered in all cultures around the world. So you also want to try the adventure ?

Discover the whole history of this game, and learn our blackjack board official to maximize your chances of winning.

The origins of blackjack

Invented at the end of the 18th century, Black Jack is still called 21 indicating the number of points required to beat the bank. It is in the United States that the name changes, because, little appreciated by the players, the casino managers decide to add a bonus when certain cards are drawn by the player. The "Black Jack" characteristic of this process, then becomes the "Black Jack".

Origin of online blackjack

The rules of blackjack

Black Jack is a card game, where a maximum of seven players individually face the "bank", personified by a casino croupier. The goal is extremely simple, to equal or approach 21 points without ever going over them. To find your way around the points, there is no great difficulty, each card is worth the value written on it, and the "heads" are worth ten points. That is to say, ladies, kings, and jacks. The a is the only one that can have several values, either 11 or 1, it is up to you to choose depending on the context.

Play blackjack online

Now that you know the values ​​of the cards as well as the object of the game, let's move on to the more concrete rules.

First the deal, the dealer gives two cards to each player and himself. All the cards are uncovered, for the players, the bank has a face down card.

Each player then chooses to draw a new card to get closer to 21, or to stay that is to say do nothing and keep the points possessed so as not to exceed the limit. If you have an ace We will see later, which way is the most skilful depending on the context in question. Also note that the stake required per spin depends on the table in question and can therefore vary greatly.

Special maneuvers can be performed in specific situations:

  • The dealer's first card is an ace, the player can insure against a potential blackjack. For this he pays half of his stake to the bank and makes zero profit if the bank shoots a "head" after the draw has already been made.
  • If a player gets two cards of the same value, for example two fives, it is possible to to separate. That is to say, to play in a way on two boards, drawing the first time from five stay, then starting over on the second five. And so get two totals, that's one more chance of beating the bank. If a third five is drawn after having separated it is sometimes possible to separate again and therefore play this time on "three tableaux".
  • Finally it is possible to double after receiving two cards. This is done when the player thinks they have a good draw. It is therefore possible that he will also double his winnings, but in return he will only be able to draw one card.

Blackjack strategies

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Black Jack is a game of odds, so it is important to watch the cards in play. Counting cards is a myth, however. Indeed several decks of cards are used at the same time during the game so it becomes very complicated.

However, some decisions are more appropriate than others. If your first two cumulative cards are worth 11 points it is wise to draw, above it becomes risky, because exceeding 21 becomes probable.

You have to follow your flair, but above all observe the cards on the table. If a lot of "heads" have been drawn, and you are at 14 for example, it may be interesting to shoot, but this obviously involves a risk.

Any card with a value greater than or equal to 8 will make you lose in this specific case. Following this example, you have 6 out of 13 chances of losing considering the theoretical card deck.

To conclude there is no magic formula to be sure to win, however continually reasoning in probability is a good way to limit the damage, and to try to make an unexpected profit when he shyly shows the tip of his nose.To

Where to play blackjack ?

Play blackjack in the arcades

Playing in gambling halls, in casinos for Black Jack is the most traditional way to indulge yourself. However there is not a casino in every city, and this can be restrictive depending on the region in which you live. Additionally, this approach may be seen as more oppressive for a beginner player. Of course, if the adrenaline rush is what you want, nothing can match that experienced in a real game !

Play blackjack at an online casino

In recent years, the law has relaxed, many online platforms offer to play the games originally played at the casino. They are real online casinos where you can bet real money and play with real players against a computer, or sometimes also with a real dealer, filmed is visible on your screen. It is possible in most cases to play for free.

Play blackjack on your mobile

Finally in the same vein as the online casinos, you can access from your phone to several platforms sharing the same purpose, that of playing online. You can also play Black Jack or any other game of chance available on the application with other real players, or not, depending on the service offered by the application.

Other games of chance available online

All casino games are accessible. Craps, Poker in all its forms, Baccarat, slot machines and roulette are waiting for you to win the Jackpot !

Frequently asked questions

All you have to do is register on a site offering this service. Note that an identity card will be systematically requested.

For this I advise you to study the point seen above, and therefore to reason in probabilities. The goal is to beat the bank, but it can get trickier than you think, there is no quick fix.

The purpose of this maneuver is to make the game run, to mix it up.

The croupier is in charge of everything related to the cards in play, so in fact the game does not lend itself to this, moreover you could be accused of cheating if your movements are too frequent, or are suspicious.